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When you sign up for a new account, you’ll first complete your profile by uploading your Name, Address, and Phone Number.

To find a tutor in your area, access the list of available services. Tutors are organized by location, subject/speciality, and grade.

Once you find a tutor you’d like to hire, click FULL DETAILS to get their availability and to get in touch. Simply fill in the form: how many hours you would like to hire them for, the start date and end date, and any preferred times.

When you hire a tutor on LiiT Care Connect, we consolidate all your communications here. The MESSAGES tab on the left sidebar is where all your back-and-forth will stay, and this is how to reach out

To see the status of your recent requests and searches, see the MY CHILD option on the left sidebar:

  • PENDING ACCEPTANCE will show any requested services waiting for response
  • PENDING PAYMENT lists accepted bookings requiring payment.
  • ACTIVE indicates bookings that have been accepted, paid, and confirmed.
  • COMPLETED lists past bookings.
  • OUTGOING PAYMENTS displays payments currently being processed.
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