The Digital Village

Worry-free Access to Childcare
Anywhere, Anytime

It’s said it takes a village to raise a child. In a world where the parenting journey is becoming more isolated and fearful, what happens when a parent doesn’t have access to one?

That’s where LiiT Care Connect comes in.

Helping you connect beyond word of mouth
Easy access to unique and inclusive childcare services & providers
The safety of your little treasures is our priority
The childcare saga continues...

It was at 2 a.m. when the call came in. A desperate cry for help from a husband as his wife went into labor. They needed someone to stay with their toddler as they went to the hospital, and they had no one else to call...

At that moment, I realized the disadvantage of NOT having a village. The downfall of not having a trustworthy community of people to help you in your times of need. It reinvigorated my dream of having a safe and convenient digital space for parents and childcare providers alike to come together to create that village.

Growing up, I, like most of us, didn't understand the value and positive impact on mothers having support while raising and caring for their child/ren. But as I began raising my own children, with my husband far from home, I've realized the difficulty and challenges parents face when finding childcare and parenting support. Especially in emergency scenarios.

That's why I'm using my experiences as a working mother and a former childcare provider to bring this "Digital Village" to life.

Because all mothers - all parents - deserve accessible, reliable childcare. Anywhere, Anytime.

It's possible. Together.

Join us today.